Cozy Romper


There are many things that I love about fall. The colorful array of fallen leaves, the fresh smell of pumpkin spice anything, and the feeling of wrapping myself in a cozy infinity scarf to name a few. But, what I don’t enjoy is the feeling of hanging up my light weight summer dresses that I wore the season before. Last season I continued to grow my collection of 70s style sleeves and silhouettes, and I’m not quite ready to part with them yet. Thanks to a few tricks i’ve discovered over the years I don’t have to. I can wear this cozy romper until my nylons no longer keep me warm and throw on a warm floppy hat to make it look more fall.


The interesting thing about this romper is that most people think its a dress because its so oversized and flowy. I picked it up at Free People not too long ago and I also thought it was a dress. When i tried it on in the fitting room it was a pleasant surprise. No matter what time of year I need to feel free in whatever I’m wearing. I need to be able to move around and if my clothes flutter behind, even better! 



Hat: H&M | Romper: Free People (similar)

Rompers You Can Wear During the Fall 



cozy romper

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November 12, 2015