Get a Good Night’s Rest With Aromatherapy

products for better sleep If you are like me and suffer with sleep deprivation you might want to try aromatherapy. At night it is extremely difficult for me to quite my mind to get my body ready for bed. Specific aromas can calm the mind and help you get that 8 hours you need to have a productive day.

Aromatherapy To Calm The Mind

Essentials Oils like chamomile and lavender are known for their ability to relieve stress. They get you a good nights rest. You can incorporate these things into your nightly routine by having a cup of chamomile tea before bed. I do this before bed while reading a book. Try to stay away from all tech devices. Try setting your phone down further away from your bed and putting it on do not disturb. This is especially difficult for a girl like me who loves texting my friends until I fall asleep. However, its just not going to get you that full nights rest.

Surround Yourself with Essential Oils

At night I love surrounding myself with calming smells that put me into a state of relaxation. Lavender really does that for me. I apply an aromatherapy oil to the pressure points of my body when I get out of shower. Lately one of my favorites has been the Tata Harper Aromatic Bedtime Treatment. There are a ton of amazing mists and bedtime treatments out there.

I’ve recently begun sleeping with an aromatherapy pillow and I’ve really been enjoying it! Indigo Beaux’s July Box included this pillow infused with lavender, chamomile, and rose. Snuggling up to this at night has really been a game changer in how relaxing my nights in bed have become.


Also, it can be used hot or cold to treat things like menstrual cramps and head aches. So if its that time of the month i’d definitely give this a shot.

If you struggle with headaches  I suggest incorporating these things into your routine over the course of a few weeks. Some people tend to be a bit more sensitive to scent overload. 

One thing i’ve learned about dealing with sleep issues is that you must realize that this is special time for you to reset yourself for the day ahead. It is a time to power down and be a bit selfish. So ditch the phone, and make your sleep routine a little more spa like. You might even become a morning person.

How do you get a good night’s rest?

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August 10, 2016