5 Indie Beauty Brands You Should Know

indie beauty brands non toxic

Here are 5 indie beauty companies with great products that should definitely be on your radar.

1.Purpl Goat

Purpl Goat is a non-toxic skincare brand started by licensed esthetician Taiann Eiland. The mission behind the brand is simple, self love and a healthy non toxic lifestyle. This is inspired by her own journey overcoming the skin picking disorder know as Dermatillomania. I was first introduced to this brand when I tried her Healing Crystal Toner. It contains Rose Quartz, a stone known for its heart chakra healing abilities allowing ones self love to flourish. It also stopped a lot of my breakouts both on my face and body. Thanks to Purpl Goat I kissed back acne goodbye.

Donate $50 to her Indigogo Campaign and get a free product of your choice.

2. Plant Apothecary

This Brooklyn based skincare brand is organic and cruelty free. Products are made with the help of adults with mental and physical disabilities. They employed by BKLYN UNLTD, a nonprofit organization. Start your morning off with one of their body washes and you’ll be glad you did. My personal favorite is their Get Happy Bodywash. The scent of Geranium and Peppermint fill my shower and lifts my spirits. I’ve also tried their Matcha Mask and love its calming effects on the skin. A must try if you have acne prone or oily skin.
plant brooklyn

3. Au Naturale Cosmetics

Au Naturale is on a mission to create high quality green beauty that doesn’t compromise your health. This brand has a shade range that could compete with some of the mainstream beauty brands sold at Sephora. Their Organic Cream Foundation has become one of my favorites. Its buildable coverage so you can customize how much of your natural skin you want to skin though.

4. Plain Jane Beauty

This non-toxic makeup brand was started by Stanford Graduate Lake Louise. She is a certified makeup artist who launched the line in 2011. Plain Jane Beauty has it all. Their foundation comes in an array of tones and undertones and the eyeshadows are very pigmented. My favorites from the line are the bronze ambition highlighter and sheer translucent powder.


Source: @PlainJaneBeauty | Instagram

5. OSEA Malibu 

This vegan non toxic skincare brand creates luxury products that treat all skin types. They have ultra moisturizing products for dry skin and acne fighting products for oily skin. Sensitive? They have calming skincare as well to fight skin conditions like roscea.  My favorite product from the brand currently is their Ocean Cleanser. Even though I have oily skin over the years I have experienced some dryness. This cleanser gives the skin a deep clean while keeping it hydrated.


Source: @OseaMalibu | Instagram

What are some of your favorite Indie Beauty Brands? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below.


Tiffany DeSilva is the founder of SimplySilva.com

February 27, 2017