Shopping Green Beauty at The Detox Market

The Detox Market

Last year I moved from New York to Los Angles. This month marks my 1 year anniversary living in this amazing city. I am so grateful to be living in a city where my love for living a natural lifestyle can flourish. From grabbing a meal at my favorite vegan restaurant to shopping for new green beauty products this city has it all!

The Detox Market

The Detox Market is one of my favorite green beauty shops to find new and exciting clean beauty to add to my collection. They carry a lot of the brands that I trust and love. I shop at their West Hollywood location. Its laid back decor will make you feel like you are right at home. The staff are so friendly and helpful. I switch up my skincare routine during the spring/summer season so I stopped by to pick up a few of my favorite skincare essentials from OSEA Malibu.

the detox market  the detox market

OSEA Malibu

OSEA Malibu is a natural skincare brand based in Malibu. They create high quality vegan skincare with plant based ingredients. In the summer I love using their blemish balm to gently moisturize while keeping breakouts at bay. It applies with a spa like cooling sensation and dries to a natural non oily finish. This is perfect for my oily and occasionally acne prone skin. Another essential of mine is the Sea Vitamin Boost. It is one of my favorite hydrating mists! After cleansing I apply it to my skin to add some instant hydration. It contains resveratrol which is loaded with antioxidants. It brightens the skin and gives it a heathy youthful glow. Plus its amazing as a setting spray for a natural dewy looking complexion.

osea malibu

blemish balm sea vitamin boost


This post is sponsored by OSEA Malibu.