My Favorite Green Beauty Places In Los Angeles


I’ve been living in Los Angeles for a little over a year now. It’s the perfect place for someone who loves living the green life. I love that I now I have so many options for vegan restaurants and green beauty shops. When I’m out and about these are most likely the two things that I’m indulging in. When I was living in Brooklyn green beauty options were far and few, but now I have the opportunity to see products in person. I really appreciate this because I love to swatch and test out products before I buy them.

Something as simple as swatching a foundation against your jawline or feeling the texture of a moisturizer can make all the difference in your shopping experience of trying something new.

Here are some of the green beauty places I love when exploring LA:


Credo Beauty in Los Angeles


Credo Beauty

This shop is very new to the city of LA, but they quickly became one of my favorite places to go. There’s something about the clean layout of the store and the friendliness of the staff that will keep you wanting to come back. They have such a great selection of high-quality green beauty. I can shop all of the brands I usually can only find online which is a major plus for me. They also have really fun events every month that will help you get to know more natural beauty enthusiast.

Natural Feeling Spa 

Just blocks away from The Grove (where you’ll probably find me devouring a burger at Veggie Grill) there is an awesome all natural skin care spa run by skin care guru Adina Diaz. All of the products used in her spa are 100% natural, paraben free, and cruelty-free. Eco-conscious beauties all over LA come to her spa to get that California girl glow. She also sells the skin care products she uses during her services so you can keep the glow going all month long. I received a Pumpkin Enzyme Facial and eye lash extensions from her in the fall and it was magical. I left feeling fresh faced and ready to for the season.


Yes, when I want to shop clean beauty sometimes I head to the supermarket. Out of all the markets in Los Angeles, the variety here always blows me away. The shelves are stocked with so much affordable eco conscious products. Whenever I stop by for groceries I always leave with 1 or 2 green beauty goodies. I love picking up an Andalou Naturals Mask when I come here (the pumpkin honey brightening mask is my fav).

The Detox Market

This is the first store I came to when I first visited LA. Now that I live here I still pop in from time to time. I love the boho cozy decor and the selection of skincare, makeup, and wellness products. The employees are very knowledgeable about the products so this is the perfect spot for someone who has a ton of questions and is eager to learn. You can shop their products online or head to one of their locations to get the full experience of being surrounded by clean products.

I love supporting businesses like that because it takes the stress out of hunting down clean products. I remember when I first started living a more conscious lifestyle I would stress out about the ingredients list. When I come to these stores it feels like a weight is off my shoulders because they curate such amazing inventory. If you’re ever in town I highly suggest that you hit some green beauty spots and play with makeup. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions. You might leave with some awesome tips.

What is your favorite place to experience green beauty?