My Natal Chart Reading Experience

natal chart

I’ve always been intrigued by astrology. However I never really got deep into anything past my horoscope or the general traits of each zodiac. In fact, it never occurred to me that there were different signs within one person. A natal chart is a map that shows what position the plants were in at the time you were born. So what does this mean? Many people believe that this can tell you a lot about a person. It can show some personality traits, areas of interest, and even struggles. In my experience, I truly think that having a birth chart reading helped me to have a better understanding of myself as a person.

I had the pleasure of getting an in depth reading with Stevie of

Here is my birth chart 

natal chart


My sun sign is Pisces. This is your true self. Like most Pisces women I live in my own dream world where few people are invited. I am a natural introvert who likes to hide away and create. I am very sensitive and can easily take on the feelings of others. Since I am an empath I like to stay to myself since social interaction is more draining to me than the average person. If you are sad so am I.

I have a tendency to take on the negative emotions I come in contact with because I care so deeply about people. However I have the ability to transform into an extrovert, but I usually choose not to. I value close relationships and often do not engage in small talk. I love deep conversations and truly understanding people on a higher level. In my life when it comes to making friends and personal relationships its quality over quantity for me.

It wasn’t shocking to me that my moon was in Taurus because I seem to get a long with this sign so well. I understand them and I adore their resilience. They are some of the most stable people I know and they can get the job done. Your moon sign is your emotional self. I think this is where a lot of my practicality comes from.

Your ascending sign is how others see you. Its the sign you most resemble when you are out in the world. My ascending sign is Scorpio. Some of my closest friends and deepest conversations have been with Scorpios. I love their energy and find them to be extremely intelligent but still light hearted and fun.


November 8, 2017