The Masks and Exfoliators I’m Loving Right Now

A huge goal of mine is to have a smooth, even complexion. If you have oily blemish prone skin like I do you know that sometimes the struggle is real on the journey to achieving this. Along the way I have found some holy grail masks and exfoliators that help me achieve a more even looking complexion.

How To Use Masks and Exfoliators 

One thing i’ve learned about my skin is that sometimes my routine isn’t going to cut it. Sometimes life happens and I wake up one morning only to realize that I slept in my makeup or maybe a new foundation I tried broke me out. My point here is that it’s really important to just take a few seconds to examine your skin and this will show you what its needs are. So sometimes that detox mask Mondays routine you have might actually have to be moisturizing Monday. The simple solution: give your skin what it looks like it needs. Here are a few of my favorite masks and exfoliators.
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Scrubs and exfoliating products are very important for resurfacing the skin to create an even complexion. I used to use very abrasive exfoliating products because I thought it would give me perfect skin faster. I’ve learned over the years that gentle is the way to go. Scrubs that are too abrasive can can tiny little tears in the skin and we don’t want that. Go for something gentle and stick to it with a 2-3x a week regimen. The Moisturizing Face Scrub from Monte Carlo Beauty is my favorite because it leaves my skin looking fresh and glowy not sensitive and dry.

Detoxing Masks 

This calming mask is perfect for my current skin care needs. Right now my skin needs to be calmed from breakouts however I still need hydration. I get the best of both worlds with this mask. Also, I use it underneath my arm pits once a week to detox them so that I fight oder from product buildup and uneven skin tone.
When my skin needs a deeper detox I tend to reach for this mask. Remember how I talked about listening to your skin? Well towards the end of the week my skin usually starts to tell me it needs a deep clean. After all the makeup, pollutants, and products my skin needs a clay mask to help pull all of the impurities out.
Tip: When using clay masks I like to add rose water for a more calming and moisturizing experience.
This mask is a great mix of my skin care needs. Its calming and gentle but also does a great job at pulling out my skin’s impurities. Kaolin clay, pumpkin, and oatmeal come together to create a mask thats both deep cleaning but also leaves your skin feeling hydrated and healthy.

Brightening and Softening 

This masks is perfect for all skin types and it pretty much does it all. It brightens, detoxes the skin pulling out impurities, hydrates, and exfoliates. I like to use this mask when my skin is looking dull. Its also a great mask to use if i’ve been noticing some uneven spots or hyperpigmentation. Its the ultimate all in one so when I need a mask to hit all my needs I usually grab this one.
A gem for those struggling with dark spots and uneven skin tone, this enzyme mask brightens leaving the skin looking youthful. It contains pumpkin, vitamin c, gycolic acid, fruit ahas, and meadowfoam seed oil. This is one of those brightening masks that give instant results. I’ve been using this mask for months now and all of my dark spots on my forehead are gone and i’m starting to see major improvements on my cheek area. If you have tons of dark spots and you want to be on your way to someday going foundation free I’d give this mask a try.
Since I have oily blemish prone skin I’m usually always focused on controlling oil and treating dark spots. Its very important to take a day to just focus on hydrating the skin. The skin not getting enough moisture is sometimes the cause of breakouts in the first place! So one day out of the week I like to swap out a detox mask for this ultra hydrating mask from Complex Beauty. I suggest doing a mask like this on a no makeup day to end the night. It leaves my skin feeling baby soft!
Tip:  If your skin has been a bit dry lately I’d apply this mask before makeup in the morning and your skin will look flawless.