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June Favorites

This June Favorites is all about the new green beauty products that i’ve been loving this summer. I’ve been incorporating these cruelty free and all natural products into my beauty routine and probably will be all summer long.

June Favorites
Plain Jane Beauty Powder – Sheer
Hynt Beauty Lipstick ‘Passion Plum’ 
Hynt Beauty…

Spice Up Your Capsule Wardrobe with Sunglasses

Minimalism, a growing moment of streamlining and figuring out what’s truly important. To be totally honest, I haven’t created an official capsule wardrobe. I’m still in the process of planning how i’ll format it this summer, but i’m a first timer so it’s going to take me some time….

Grey Sweater and Coral Pout

Hey Guys! It’s officially valentines day weekend. Sometimes when you’re single it’s hard to get into the spirit of things, but you can still have fun with it in subtle ways. I for one love keeping it simple. A cozy off the shoulder grey sweater is perfect for me….

Black Bardot

I’ve had this black jumpsuit forever. I got it at ASOS a while ago. Might I add, I love ASOS because they have such a wide variety of sizes for all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for something as simple as a black jumpsuit you will find a ton…