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What’s In my Purse

Here’s a video on what’s in my purse. These are the items I keep in my purse everyday. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my new channel for more videos! I’ll be uploading every Tuesday and Thursday this season.

Products Mentioned

Primal Pit Paste
100% Pure Hand Cream
The Honest Co. Hand Sanitizer
100% Pure…

Cozy Romper

There are many things that I love about fall. The colorful array of fallen leaves, the fresh smell of pumpkin spice anything, and the feeling of wrapping myself in a cozy infinity scarf to name a few. But, what I don’t enjoy is the feeling of hanging up my…


I decided to put together a lookbook for you guys featuring some outfits I’d wear around this time of year. I love outfits that I can put together on the fly if I have to head out the door as quickly as possible. Some of the outfits can even…

Cozy Poncho

One of the best parts of the fall is getting to experiment with outerwear. You get to wear ponchos, scarfs, and light jackets. In NYC this time of year is short so you have to really appreciate it while its here. Soon we’ll all be in bubble jackets and…

Toronto Style Diaries | Outfits

This past weekend I headed up north to Toronto, Canada with my best friend Victoria. First off let me start off by saying that I have fallen in love with the city. The people are so kind, the food was amazing, and I just love the overall energy of…