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June Favorites

This June Favorites is all about the new green beauty products that i’ve been loving this summer. I’ve been incorporating these cruelty free and all natural products into my beauty routine and probably will be all summer long.

June Favorites
Plain Jane Beauty Powder – Sheer
Hynt Beauty Lipstick ‘Passion Plum’ 
Hynt Beauty…

Honest Beauty Haul

I recently headed to the Honest Beauty Store here in Los Angeles to pick up a few summer makeup essentials. The Everything Cream Foundation is one of my favorite foundations. I ran out of it so I had to grab another one. Honest Beauty recently came out with their contour…

The Going Green TAG

The Going Green TAG is all about one’s journey in starting the green, organic, vegan, or cruelty free lifestyle. I started my journey of organic and natural beauty so that I would’t have to sacrifice health for beauty. I love makeup, but I wanted my products to have healthy…